Q.  How long does the dog fur have to be in order to be spun?

A.  The longer the fur the better but fur as short as 1.5 inches can be spun.  It all depends on the fur.  Softer undercoat fur spins nicely even if it is not very long. 

Q.  Can fur saved from a groomer hair cut be spun?

A.  The mixture of long and short bits and blunt ends can make spinning groomer clippings difficult and is not generally recommended.  If you have a poodle or other long haired dog with a couple inches of fur all over who is getting a short hair do for the summer, there is a chance it can be used.

Q.  What about my cat?

A.  Long haired cat fur can be spun.

Q.  How much fur do you need to spin a useable amount?

A.  A sandwich zip top bag stuffed very full is about 4 ounces.  This is the minimum please.

Q.  My dog is smelly.  Will the yarn be smelly too?

A.  Usually the fur is spun into yarn first and then washed with a people shampoo.  The laundered yarn smells just fine.  Do NOT wash collected fur before you send it to us.  Dog fur felts (gets matted) quite easily and it is impossible to salvage felted fur.

Q.  Can i request a special order?

A.  Yes, send an email with what you have in mind.

Q.  My dog has wiry coarse hair.  What kind of yarn will it spin into?

A.  The softer the fur, the softer the yarn.  Coarse fur can't be used for any type of garment as it will be itchy against the skin.  it can be used for Doggie Dream Catchers or in a stripe for the upturned brim of a hat so it is still useable.

Q.  Is dog hair harder to spin than traditional wool fibers?

A.  Most people recommend that beginning spinners master spinning with sheep's wool before working with dog fur. 

Q.  I want to spin my own pet's fur.  How do I start?

A.  The most economical way to start spinning is to purchase a hand spindle and some roving from your local fiber shop or one of the many fine on-line establishments.  Start spinning at your own risk as fiber addiction is a real possibility.  Check YouTube for some good instructional videos.  I have purchased tools and fiber from:

Paradise Fibers

The Woolery

Sheep Shed Studio