Our Rescues

Judy's Irish Setter, Sizzle

Sizzle was our Star Trek dog, having appeared in an episode of Star Trek Voyager (The Q and the Grey) as a puppy.  In her younger days, Sizzle sold autographed photos at Star Trek conventions in Pasadena with proceeds going to San Diego Irish Setter Rescue. 

Judy's West Highland Terrier, Triniity

We keep Trinity's fur short because she likes to roll in the dirt.  She is tough to spin but we keep trying.

Judy's irish Setter, Katie

Katie was rescued through Arizona Setter Rescue in 2007. (Pictured with Judy's Granddaughter Anna)

Julia's English Setters, Abby and Rosie

Rescued by AZ Setter Rescue from New Mexico, these field setters aren't spinnable.  They are thriving in their new home and we hope they will calm down one day soon.  Abby is missing one eye from an encounter with a cat when she was a puppy

Dez' Cattle Dog mix, CheyenneRescued 10 years ago in Flagstaff, AZ. Cheyenne donates fur in the Spring.